German Shorthaired Pointer Bird Dog with Ruffled Grouse


Abby comes from a great line of hunting dogs. She comes from a line of field trial champions which is evident in the way she hunts. She has been exposed to hunting quail in the south along with hunting grouse in the north.

She is a very patient hunter. Time and time again I find myself in a situation where I think there is no bird to be found. I call her to move on but she does not budge. When she doesn’t move, I know that is her way of trying to tell me “Hey, there is something here!” It is when I go check a 2nd or even 3rd time that all of a sudden I will flush a bird. She never ceases to amaze me on how determined she is to find that bird. As the old saying goes, “Trust your dog” and I find this to be the truest with Abby. She has a soft demeanor in the home but she is tough as nails in the field.

No matter what kind of injury she might acquire during the hunt, she is always ready to go back at it the next day. Abby has unbelievable stamina and ranges about 50 yards out, checking back with me every 4-5 minutes. She is also a natural for tracking wounded deer and has helped recover several bucks. And just for fun, she is a master at catching frisbees.

German Shorthaired Pointer Dam


Riley was welcomed into our family because we completely fell in love with her. She was the “runt” from Abby’s last litter and inherited a lot of Abby’s traits. I guess you could say that the apple didn't fall too far from the tree. She might be on the smaller side of the breed standard but she makes up for it in fight and drive.

She learned right away how to fight for what she wants and that comes in handy while hunting. That hard drive carries over into the hunt because she has no quit in her. She is extremely fast and agile and covers a lot of ground looking for birds. She tends to want to range out about 100 yards but I am transitioning her to be more comfortable working in the 60 yard range. I find it easier to train dogs to pull in closer for the hunt than to try to get a dog to have a longer range. She has caught on quickly to not stay still on a scent of a grouse that is on the move. She will quickly move in and when that scent is strong enough she will lock up and wait for me to arrive.

Riley also loves the water. We introduce them to the water at an early age so they become comfortable with it and become good water retrievers. Her intensity in the field transistions into the home with the family by being super attentive to everyone. Not only is she an amazing gun dog, she is a natural mother. As a first time mother, Riley has shown that she was a perfect addition to continue in our mission to breed quality German Shorthaired Pointers.