German Shorthaired Pointer Purebred Bird Dog Hunter


We could not have picked a more fitting name for this tall, dark, and handsome boy. He has the drive to please and works hard in the field. He loves to be my companion in the woods no matter what time of year it is.

When we are hunting he ranges out about 60 yards and will check back with me about every 2 minutes. When he gets the scent of the grouse he will hit it hard and stop dead in his tracks. He is still learning the movements of the grouse and will move forward cautiously when I arrive if he thinks they are on the move. He doesn’t typically give false points and doesn’t pay much attention to older scents on the ground, so when he is on point I take notice and move in for the shot.

He is an extremely good swimmer and loves to retrieve no matter how cold the water is but that’s Moose for you! Always looking to please no matter what. He is good with the children and is very loyal to the family. He is not a barker, but when he does bark it is because something is out of the ordinary and alerts us to let us know to check out the situation.